GDPR Policy Release

GDPR takes effect May 25, 2018, and Lumanox is ready. We’re also here to give you some information as you navigate your own GDPR course. To assist you on your trip through GDPR compliance, we’d like to share our journey with you along with how we are committed to supporting your business with compliance.

At Lumanox, we take data protection seriously. Every customer we serve is important and so is their information. While we serve business customers, many of our clients serve the consumer directly. Whether we obtain information directly from our customers or store it as a third party on behalf of our customer as a processor, the data we hold is important and worthy of protection and safeguards necessary to keep it secure.

Your business is important to us, privacy is important to us, and committed partnership is vital to a successful business. We’ve prepared the following sections to explain our policies in support of GDPR.

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