New Brand Launch - Lumanox

New Brand Launched

Building on 9 years of experience and developing world class infrastructure to support massive growth has enabled the launch of Lumanox, the new brand selected to pave the way for its consolidation effort.

Secured FTP Hosting Founders, John Hurley and Ben Timby, created the original company with the mission to deliver a hosted FTP solution that was easy enough for anyone to use. In 2009, they identified an opportunity to capture a broader audience including file sharing and management. Hurley and Timby then secured $50,000 in seed capital and created the SmartFile brand to seize the opportunity.

As the file sharing market matured, company leadership realized they needed to make a shift to gain competitive advantage. This led to a rewrite and modernization of their entire software stack in 2013, which opened the door for their on-premise solution, a File Exchange Platform branded FileHub. The strategic development of their open platform allows for integration into existing networks, systems and external client facing applications.

Lumanox is the parent company to wholly-owned SmartFile, FileHub, and and will be the brand under which the upcoming target tech companies will be acquired. The Company’s history of being agile combined with development expertise and visionary leadership puts them in a perfect position to acquire domestic business-to-business SaaS companies. Lumanox is poised to achieve high growth by positioning itself as a market leader in B2B technologies.

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